What Is Video Maker FX?

Video Maker FX is a new piece of software that allows you to create professional quality animation style videos in a fraction of the time it would take in traditional video editing programs.
You can use VMFX to create videos such as kinetic text style videos, character animation videos, slide presentation videos, sketch animation videos… pretty much all the high quality stuff you see people using today to create a fun, lively atmosphere that makes you WANT to pay attention.
Everyone knows that video is important to their business. It’s been proven that just adding video alone to your marketing can increase sales conversions by up to 64%.
But unfortunately, making high quality videos has traditionally been a VERY difficult process.
Video Maker FX simplifies the process to an almost impossible degree.
In this review, I’ll highlight all of Video Maker FX’s features so you can see what this software is capable of and whether or not you want to use it to help grow your business.
But first, here’s a quick video I made to demonstrate an example of what you can produce with VMFX in just a few minutes…

How Is VMFX Different?

Before Video Maker FX, you only had 2 options if you wanted to try and create professional quality videos like this for your business…
The first option is to get in there and learn how to use all the necessary tools yourself. The process would usually go something like this…
 Become an expert in using complicated programs to create the video (a 30 second video could take days to make).
 Install video converting software and learn all about video file formats so you can export the video you just made into an editing program.
 Record your audio (possibly using yet another program) and import it into your editing program.
 Master several insanely complicated video editing programs so you can get your video looking and sounding just right.
 Possibly buy a new PC so you can run all these resource intensive programs that will freeze up an older, slower computer.
Sound difficult… It is.
The second option is to pay someone else to do it. Unfortunately, for most people this is way out of their price range.
To pay for someone to create 1 video for you that’s on par with the kind of quality VMFX produces, you’d be looking at hundreds, or possibly thousands of dollars depending on how long you wanted it, whether you wanted voice overs, etc.
That is simply an outrageous amount of money to pay for one video and it just isn’t feasible for most people.
Thankfully… there’s now a third option.
In the next section of this Video Maker FX review, I’ll explain how the software actually works…

How Does Video Maker FX Work?

video maker fx reviewVMFX is made up of pre-done scenes. Each scene is customizable. You can enter your own text, insert your own images, edit the background, change the colors, font, animations, etc.
The scenes look great right out of the box, but if you want to get a little creative, VMFX gives you all the tools you need to create some truly stunning videos.
There are hundreds of scenes included in the software and there’s even an option to receive 50+ new scenes each month (great option if you make a lot of videos).
The scenes are categorized into separate themes. Each theme will contain a selection of scenes that all blend well together to form a cohesive story. This allows you to easily create a great looking video by simply using the slides contained in a specific theme.
But you are also able to mix and match any scene in the software at any time to create truly unique videos. There are no limitations to how you put the scenes together, which means the possibilities are endless.
Once your video is just the way you want it, it takes just a few clicks to add one of the exclusive audio music tracks to really make your new video come alive.
They also make it super easy to add a voice over as well so you can use narration to further engage your audience.
After you finish your video, simply click the export button and your video will be instantly exported in mp4 format. Exporting a 60 second video takes less than 2 minutes… which is blazing fast.
And the software is also extremely light on computer resources. Some other video converting software will just about overheat your processor to nuclear status. But with Video Maker FX, you can even leave your other programs running without any noticeable effect on performance.

Product Support

video maker fx supportI have been really impressed with the level of support Video Maker FX provides to its customers. I attended several of their training webinars to learn how to better use the software and they were extremely helpful.
They’ve also pushed out several updates to the software to make it easier to use based on user feedback. Not only do these updates improve the user experience but they also have been working hard to ensure that most every computer, Mac, PC, new and old, is able to run VMFX without any problems.
Their direct support is on top of it as well. I sent in a ticket and got an answer back that was both prompt and thorough.

Video Maker FX Review – Bottom Line

VMFX bottom lineAll in all, after reviewing Video Maker FX, it’s pretty hard to find anything bad to say about this software. It’s very inexpensive, runs smoothly, and allows you to create stunning videos in a matter of minutes.
VMFX has been designed for anyone to be able to use it, which is what I think I like the most about it.
They’ve taken something that’s typically very hard to do (making professional quality animation style video) and turned it into something that anyone can do. That’s pretty impressive.
If you’re in the market for an easy way to spruce up your advertising and increase your sales, you’d have a hard time finding a better offer than Video Maker FX.
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