Do you need to create a killer video all by yourself? VideoMakerFX may be a perfect fit for your project. Though a baby in the market, its acceptance and credibility are spreading like wildfire. My first experience with the video creation tool still lingers.

The VideoMakerFX is an easy-to-use tool and it is a software I could recommend any day and anytime as a weapon needed in the arsenal of every internet marketer. One unique thing about my experience is that although the video creation tool was great, I actually had a refund.

Now, it seems like I never really wanted to buy the product, right? - Hold you thought - I needed it. However, you will get to know why I requested for a refund.

Pros of VideoMakerFX (My Personal experience)

•    Animations for making beautiful personal videos. Don’t expect something extraordinary; just great styles.

•    You have full liberty to do as you wish with the videos - You can save the videos wherever you want; no external server.

•    20 soothing soundtracks (drawn from pop, rock, festive tunes and even rap) to help pass on the message to your audience.

•    Cool animations for background pictures and graphics.

•    Detailed training, instructions, discussion forum, and outstanding support.

•    Works on both Mac and Windows, coupled with its standard HD image quality.

•    No monthly subscription - just a one-time $57 subscription.

VideoMakerFX is a Perfect Tool For Announcing;

•    A new business startup

•    Product or service release

•    New eBook or Kindle promotion

VideoMakerFX is an ultimate fit for promoting product/service or event with sales or landing pages. Use this tool to design a pleasant video, upload on your site and get visitor's attention easily.

The cons of VideoMakerFX (My experience)

Honestly, I didn’t fall for any gimmick or overblown claims on any sales page; in fact, the site gives easy to understand explanations of the functions of the video creator. However, one restriction I had was the limited number of templates each slide of videoMakerFX has.
The tool isn’t loaded with too many features; it creates plain, short and simple videos. And this is what it ought to be. Marketers would agree with me that what you need to send to your audience is:

•    Brief and precise message

•    Directed at customers/potential clients and with a convincing call-to-action.
I bought the product because I was in dire need to create product reviews and tutorials. But with the restrictions/limitations of characters on each slide, I couldn’t do much with the tool. VideoMakerFX performed exactly what they say it does, but I needed something different for my project.

I recommend the tool if you need a short, plain and simple video for your business needs. If you have an experience with videoMakerFX video creator, kindly share